About NeoAcu® Acupuncture Assistant

The NeoAcu® Acupuncture Assistant is a Unique Acupuncture Needle Insertion Device with many benefits to a Professional Acupuncturist

  1. Consistency of Insertion

    • NeoAcu's® disposable control tubes allow for the choice between 4 common depths of insertion, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-7mm & 7-9mm
    • The NeoAcu® Precision Insertion Mechanism ensure the same insertion force every time
    • The result is a very high level of accuracy and consistency in how the needles are inserted
  2. Perfect for patients with a fear of needles

    • Needles are contained in dark transparent cartridges so they are not immediately visible to patients
    • The NeoAcu® Assistant has an unimposing, clean and professional design
  3. Reduced Pain

    • Needle cartridges contain high-quality Korean style handle acupuncture needles with consistent needle tip profiles
    • The Assistant uses a Precision Insertion Mechanism for a highly consistent needle insertion force
    • The Control Tubes apply a light pressure to the area around the point of insertion. This has the dual effect of both preparing the skin for swift insertion and assisting in de-sensitizing
  4. Safety & Hygiene

    • The NeoAcu® Assistant has a locking mechanism, which when engaged effectively prevents a needle from being inserted
    • Sterility of needles is maintained between patients by either changing needle cartridges or by simply replacing of the disposable control tubes
    • The body of the Assistant can be wiped clean with sterile alcohol wipes
  5. No more hassle with per needle blister packaging

    • A needle cartridge contains either 60 or 70 needles. This results in a huge reduction in the time spent opening blister packs