Sunten Single Herb Granules

Quality of raw herbs is the most important factor in producing high quality herbal products. Utilising the correct plant species can ensure the product efficacy and guarantee its quality. Sun Ten's R & D Department provides 60 years of research, development and production expertise. Their experienced botanists and chemists se microscopic and HPLC identification to authenticate the plants, the plant parts used, and the processed dry herbs.

  • High quality raw herbs supply, strict quality control.
  • Strict procedures of decoration extraction, concentration, spray drying, final production and quality control etc. all met GMP standard.     
  • With high tech decoration process and temperature control, the efficiency of every ingredient in the herbal medicines can be preserved.     
  • Consistency of the product ensures the consistency of the potency.     
  • Easy preparing for clinics, easy preparing and taking for the patients.     
  • Keep in strictly quality controlled and secured package, easy to store.




PLEASE NOTE: These products are only available to purchase by professional qualified herbalists. You will need to register & provide a copy of a professional certificate before you can purchase them