• Turmeric (Jiang Huang) (60 vegetarian Capsules/bottle)

Scientific Name: Rhizoma Curcumae Longae
Part Used: Rhizome
Energy: Warm
Channel entered: Spleen, Liver

Functions: Invigorates blood circulation, smoothes menses, relieves pain, disperses stagnant blood, and improves bilesecretion.

Clinical applications

Chest and abdominal pain, general pain due to cold, shoulder arthritis, menstrual pain, menstrual clots and spasms pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal, wind-damp Bi obstruction; Dyspepsia, jaundice, hepatitis; liver / gallbladder qi stagnation syndrome; rheumatic and arthritic pain with paresthesia and edema (especially shoulder joint); bacterial, fungal and viral infections, fungal skin conditions, influenza.

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Turmeric (Jiang Huang) (60 vegetarian Capsules/bottle)

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