• Red Ginseng (6 Year Ginseng) (60 vegetarian Capsules/bottle)

Scientific Name: Radix Ginseng
Part Used: Root
Energy: Mild, Warm
Channel entered: Lung, Spleen


  • Replenish and tonify original qi
  • Expel evil qi
  • Supplement lung yin (vital essence)
  • Benefit the body fluid of the five visceras (heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidneys)
  • Pacify the spirit
  • Sooth the soul
  • Increase wisdom
  • Open the cleverness of the heart
  • Control palpitations
  • Increase salivation
  • Clear vision

Clinical applications

Qi deficiency and collapse, organ prolapsed, fatigue, digestive deficiency, deficiency diarrhea, cough, dizziness, headache, asthma, wheezing, cardiac exhaustion, short of breath, palpitation, instant sweating, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory, dropping of blood pressure; Chronic deficiencies with low energy and endurance; chronic stress, neurasthenia, weight loss; asthma, toxicosis, premature senility, premature graying hair, hair loss (alopecia) cerebral; Memory loss, insomnia, learning disability; Low immunity with frequent or chronic infections; Immunodeficiency disorders, immune stress with cell-mediated allergies, side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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Red Ginseng (6 Year Ginseng) (60 vegetarian Capsules/bottle)

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