About ALTRA SL-TYPE Needles

Altra® SL-TYPE Needles are Silicone Free Silver Wound Handle Needles.

The body of most Acupuncture Needles are coated in a thin layer of silicone. Silicone is commonly used to smooth over microscopic imperfections in the surface of the needle, allowing for easier and pain reduced insertion & removal. The downside is that some patients may have silicone sensitivity which can result in skin irritation.

Altra® SL-TYPE Needles are perfect for patients who experience this skin irritation as they are completely silicone free.

They are available both with and without guide-tubes and in either individual guide-tubes or 5-in-1 guide-tube needle clusters.

Altra® SL-TYPE in Individual Guide-tubes

All the high quality and reliability of an Altra® range needle but without a silicone coating.

Available in:

  • Boxes of 100 needles
  • 4 commonly used Gauge & Length combinations

Buy Altra® L-TYPE Individual Guide-tube Needles Here

Altra® SL-TYPE 5-in-1 Guide-tube

Altra® SL-TYPE 5-in-1 are high quality Silicone Free acupuncture needles for high quantity usage situations.

As well as being more time efficient to use, Altra® SL-Type 5-in-1 needles produce significantly less waste (blister packaging, guide tubes, backing paper & plastic tabs) than their individually packed equivalents.

Environmentally Minded, Consistent & Cost Effective; Altra® SL-Type 5-in-1 needles are a great choice for a busy practitioner 

Available in:

  • Boxes of 500 needles
  • 10 Gauge & Length combinations

Buy Altra® SL-TYPE 5-in-1 Guide-tube Needles Here

Altra® SL-TYPE without Guide-tubes

Everything that makes the Altra® SL-TYPE needle good but for those who prefer their needles without guide tubes.

Available in:

  • Boxes of 100 Needles
  • 4 Commonly used Gauge & Length Combinations

Buy Altra® SL-TYPE without Guide-tube Needles Here

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