A high quality Japanese style pipe handle needle available in Japanese gauges and lengths.

The Altra® NS-TYPE needle comes in boxes of 240 needles packed in clusters of 8 needles to 1 guide tube. The blister packs are in an innovative <4 needles + 1 guide tube> + <4 needles> configuration, giving you greater flexibility with how many needle you want to use.

Acupuncture Needle Specification
Box Size 240 Needles per Box
Cluster Pack ✓ - 1 Guide tube for every 8 Needles
Gauge & Length Combinations 0.16 x 15mm, 0.16 x 30mm, 0.18 x 30mm, 0.20 x 15mm, 0.20 x 30mm, 0.20 x 40mm, 0.25 x 30mm, 0.25 x 40mm, 0.30 x 40mm, 0.30 x 50mm
Handle Type Japanese Style Stainless Steel Pipe Handle
Needle & Guide Tube Configuration 6 Blisters per flat, 3 x (4 Needles + 1 Guide tube) and 3 x (4 Needles)
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ALTRA NS-TYPE Japanese Style Stainless Steel Handle Cluster Pack Acupuncture Needle

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