Altra® CP-TYPE Needles are some of the highest-quality plastic needles available. A particularly popular needle type in Japan, our manufacturing partner also produces plastic handle needles for leading Japanese acupuncture needle brands.

A high quality plastic handle needle, CP-TYPE handles are made from coloured clear "Crystal" moulded plastic.

The needles are packed in a 4 needles to 1 guide tube formation. Each flat has 6 blisters. 3 blisters with 4 needles in each & 3 blisters with 1 guide tube in each. This gives you the flexibility to choose how many needles you want to use per guide tube.

Acupuncture Needle Specification
Box Size 240 Needles per Box
Cluster Pack
Gauge & Length Combinations 0.16 x 15mm, 0.18 x 15mm, 0.18 x 30mm, 0.20 x 30mm, 0.22 x 30mm, 0.22 x 40mm, 0.25 x 30mm, 0.25 x 40mm, 0.30 x 40mm, 0.30 x 50mm
Handle Type High-Quality Moulded Plastic Handle
Needle & Guide Tube Configuration 6 Blisters per flat, 3 x (4 Needles) and 3 x (1 Guide Tube)
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Altra CP-TYPE Plastic Handle Acupuncture Needle

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