About Sun Ten Single Herb Powders

From Herbprime Co., Ltd’s inception in 2006 we have been a sole distribution partner with Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals from Taiwan. We offer a large range of Sun Ten’s Single Concentrated Herb Extracts to qualified herbalists in both 100g Bottles and our Bespoke Prescription Fulfilment service.

We aim to provide the highest standard in whatever we do. With over 70 Years of R&D Experience Sun Ten, is the perfect partner.

Sun Ten understands that the Quality of the raw herbal ingredients is the most important factor in determining the final quality of the end product. Their experienced botanists and chemists use microscopic HPLC identification to authenticate the plant species and parts used, and the quality of the processed dry herbs.

With such a high level understanding of the raw ingredients, Sun Ten has developed a Manufacturing Process which is able to adapt to each herb.

In a World where it is increasingly difficult to have confidence in where things come from, we at Herbprime are proud to have Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals as a partner. Their status as the Standard is known by professional TCM practitioners worldwide.