Charles Buck

Who Is He?

Now well into his third decade of practice, Charles Buck is a highly regarded practitioner, writer and international lecturer on acupuncture and Chinese medicine (CM). Rooted equally in medical science (BSc Physiology, Bristol Medical School 1977) and in CM (Bachelors in Acupuncture 1984) he was the first in the UK to gain an acupuncture Master’s degree with distinction (Univ. Wales 2000). Charles was also one of the early pioneers of Chinese herbal medicine in Europe being in the first half dozen or so practitioners in the UK, his studies have continued in here in the west and in Universities and hospitals in China in the last 20 years.

Academic work

As well as publishing numerous academic papers Mr Buck has contributed extensively to the development of acupuncture and CM in the UK and the west. Working at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York since 1993 he has held various posts such as senior lecturer, post graduate tutor and Masters student supervisor. As course director for the UK’s first full college-based Chinese herb training he wrote the syllabus and taught much of the course content for fifteen years. Consequently, a great many UK and EU practitioners have been taught by Charles; a contribution that was recognised when he was granted Fellowship of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine in 1998. He has worked also as external examiner at Masters level for various UK universities, at the Skolen for Akupunktur in Copenhagen and is also on the teaching faculty for the University of Oslo. Charles is a regular conference speaker in the UK and Europe.

His diverse research interests include scientific study of the traditional explanatory models, exploration of the ways that acupuncture and Chinese herbs work, study of the historical development of Chinese medicine and the study of oriental medical mastery.

Clinical work

Over the last thirty years Charles has successfully treated a wide range of medical problems but is especially known in the CM profession for his expertise in fertility and gynaecology, dermatology and oncology. In the clinic he draws equally on his good understanding of conventional biomedicine and his renowned insight into the traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Where Is He?

Charles is Director of the Chester Clinic for Complementary Medicine:

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