About Altra Acupuncture Needles

As a TOP acupuncture needle supplier, Herbprime supplies the best acupuncture needles, widely used by NHS hospitals. With global compliance certificates. With a fully automated and state-of-the-art manufacturing process and closed partnership with the manufacturer, we are capable to provide a very competitive price comparing to other acupuncture needle suppliers. Different handle designs can benefit for various applications. A comprehensive range of available sizes can provide a chance for a one-stop shopping.

Altra acupuncture needles always reach the safety and reliability standard. Altra acupuncture needles are made from the highest quality Japanese surgical stainless steel under advanced manufacturing facilities. Every single step of production of the Altra needles is strictly controlled, namely, from raw material inspections, quality controls during manufacturing, the state-of-art workmanship, surface polish and needle sterilization, to the final production testing. Needle tips are sharpened and polished to ensure consistency and ultimate sharpness, painless and efficient acupuncture treatment.


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