About Us


Herbprime Co., Ltd. commenced its business in 2006 as sole distributor of Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals from Taiwan, with the sole purpose of providing leading quality, safe products and reliable, dependable services.


Since then, Herbprime has grown rapidly into a respected major supplier for the TCM community in Europe. Our extensive global network allows us to deliver only the best of the best from Taiwan, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.


We believe that TCM, though derived from ancient wisdom and methods, can be further improved by comprehensive scientific research and innovation. It should be adapted to the modern day, not as the common misconception of being a woolly science due to counterfeit Chinese medicine available in the past and still today, but as a qualified and effective medicine, derived from precise scientific methods.


Our top priority is to ensure the safety and quality of all of our products, to the highest standards, and so Herbprime works closely with regulatory authorities to confirm this. We have strong technical backing from academic institutions in Europe and abroad, to guarantee the validity of our products. Our partners are all TGA, GMP and ISO certified, and they have many years of experience, with an exceptional track record. This allows us to be confident in the high standard of our ingredients and manufactured products, without any doubts. Our team of experts are readily available to provide clinical assistance of required.


All products in our range are meticulously selected, and we continually develop our product range to match market requirements and offer cutting edge innovations.


Herbprime, as well as supplying a vast range of top quality products, pride ourselves in offering unparalleled help and support to our members, by providing further training, CDP courses and access to extensive resources, to enable self learning and improvement in the unique field that is Chinese medicine.


Every effort is made to ensure our customers get safe, consistent and effective products for clinical success. Since 2010, our products are accepted and used in clinical trials, carried out by the NHS in the UK.